Gluten Free & Vegetarian Catering

Gluten Free & Vegetarian Catering

Melbourne Vegetarian & Gluten Free Catering

Catering For Special Dietary Requirements

It can be hard to find catering options that include decent options for those on a vegetarian, vegans or gluten free diet, but Select One have you covered!

We don’t just offer one “alternate” option – we want to ensure that all your guests enjoy our catering, so we have created a great range of options for those with special dietary requirements.

Our vegetarian catering options include curries, pies, tandoori skewers, lasagna and frittatas just to name a few. Plus meat dishes can be substituted for vegetarian choices across most menus for no extra charge and vegan choices are available upon request.

Many dishes can also be substituted for gluten-free choices across most menus for no extra charge and some of our gluten-free catering options include: Mediterranean vegetable pasta bake, roast meats served with gluten-free gravy, gourmet wraps & bread, raspberry pavlova roulade and chocolate, strawberry, passion fruit or peppermint mousse.

So make all of your guests happy and chat to us about vegetarian, vegan and gluten free catering in Melbourne!